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Pickler Purple Pickleball Fan Pack

Pickler Purple Pickleball Fan Pack

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Introducing the Pickler Purple Pickleball Set - Your Ultimate Game Companion. Includes:

*Sling Backpack
*Double Insulated Water Bottle
*Adjustable Visor
*Microfiber Sports Towel
*Matching Scrunchie
*3 Matching 40-Hole, Outdoor Pickleballs

Get ready to turn heads on the pickleball court with our exclusively designed Pickler Purple Pickleball Accessory Set. This set is packed with everything you need for an unforgettable playing experience. This set is a true blend of style, functionality, and love for the game and features beautiful shades of aqua blue-green.

The centerpiece of this set is our versatile sling bag, which doubles as a trendy backpack. Crafted with the passionate pickleball player in mind, this bag boasts ample space to comfortably carry 2-3 pickleball paddles and all your essential gear. Stay organized with dedicated pockets for your phone and wallet, while a designated spot keeps your water bottle within arm's reach. The LOVE pickleball logo, elegantly embroidered on the bag, showcases your adoration for the sport.

Durability and reliability are at the core of our design. With strong zippers and a waterproof lavender material, your gear stays safe and dry, no matter the weather. This bag is built to last, ensuring you're always ready for a game on the fly.

Shield yourself from the sun's glare and focus on your game with our adjustable lavender visor, also featuring the iconic LOVE pickleball logo embroidery. Designed to keep you cool and comfortable, this visor is the perfect on-court companion, combating both the sun and sweat.

Staying hydrated during intense matches is easy with the 16 oz insulated water bottle. This matte lavender bottle features the LOVE pickleball logo and adds a touch of flair, while the exceptional insulation keeps your drink refreshingly cool for up to 18 hours.

In the heat of the game, our lavender cooling sports towel, adorned with the LOVE pickleball logo, comes to the rescue. Stay refreshed and play at your best with this essential accessory that absorbs sweat and keeps you feeling energized throughout your matches.

No need to worry about unruly hair getting in the way, as we've included a lavender scrunchie to keep it stylishly and securely tied back while you focus on your winning shots.

Not just about aesthetics, we've also included 3 lavender, high-quality outside pickleballs in a convenient white mesh carrying case. These eye-catching balls will add a dash of flair to your game and make a statement on the court.

Whether for yourself or as a gift to a fellow pickleball enthusiast, this set will make you stand out on the courts and get noticed.

Elegantly packaged in a beautiful box, this set is perfect for those seeking a delightful pickleball experience or looking to surprise someone special with a gift that truly captures their love for the sport.

Get ready to embrace the Pickler Purple Pickleball Accessory Set - the epitome of style, function, and pure LOVE for pickleball. Step up your game and make every moment on the court count with this all-inclusive set as vibrant as your passion for the sport!

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Got this as a Christmas present and I absolutely love it. Bag holds so much and I like that I can wear as a backpack or a sling. Water bottle is probably one of the best I've ever used.